Aaron Lordson is a rare treat amongst artists as he has a truly unique voice combined with the ability to transform any song into his own style without compromising the great work of the original.
Aaron is also rare in terms of the music industry; he is entirely independent and promotes his own music in all kind of aspects even religiously with his gospel roots.

He shows incredible dedication to his work, music and his fans; as is borne out in all comments he posted on Beat100 which displayed his true energy and enthusiasm for music. "The money is not the most important thing here of my target but more important is to reach the top of the chart! I advise all other musicians to take a chance and post videos and music here. If there is anything I could help with to support others, i'll be glad.”

In the music world it is simply great to see an artist that has such enthusiasm and such a strong desire to see new music flourish and at Beat 100 people have found him an incredible pleasure to work alongside. Aaron's music is unequivocally the best blues and soul that exists in the world today and he rivals even some of the greats that have inspired him so much; from Louis Armstrong to James Brown and beyond.

Aaron's version “What a Wonderful World” was a beautiful homage and reworking of one of the most recognisable songs of the last hundred years. It showcased his fantastic vocal range and managed to be as invigorating, soulful and sublime as the original; whilst still managing to be unique and original.
Another soul and bluesy version reworking of Jimmy Cliff’s classic ballad “Many Rivers to Cross” and it demonstrated talent for turning vocal capabilities to any song across any genre. The cover set the charts alight and he quickly secured first place thanks to the sheer soul and splendour he manages to bring to these songs. Aaron is one of the greatest soul and blues singers we have ever had the pleasure to see and when its combined that with his incredible showmanship, the work he does for his own record label Lordsonmusic, his charity work and his charisma it is unsurprising that he has seen so much support wherever he goes.


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