Founder and Director of Lordson Management

Mr Lordson is working to control and verify closely the Lordson Managementīs activities. He takes care of the music production, publishing, internet marketing, web design and his own artwork. Aaron keeps himself busy as well with songwriting and his daily performances. He is a man with amazing skills.


Graphic Designer and Book Keeping

Mrs Lordson takes care of necessary graphic design and book keeping of the Lordson Management. She has a strong imagination and amazing creativity skills. The young American born is a very natural talented girl coming up to success with ambition to achieve even more in music and movie industry as she's already advanced comparing to her age in script writing.


Lordsontore, Stock Manager and Sales Monitor

Mrs Leroy is a store and stock manager at the LORDSONS company. She is also involved daily in the internet marketing and social media administration include project's communication through the lordsonstore website, networking and direct marketing. Moreover, she's a Fairs Manager and Tour Coordinator.

is a private foundation based on children help and career development. It's created by the artist songwriter and singer Aaron Lordson with the specific purpose of contributing to various charitable causes.The Aaron Lordson foundation identifies and preserve us for years to come. We help others anytime we can.

In order to continue our war for life and help the World, the Lordson Foundation needs your financial support. Help us, help others like us to live their lives they have been blessed for. Your support will help us achieve our dreams.